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Biobanking & Biorepository

Certified storage service for any biological sample type for the entire lifecycle, from pick up to return or disposal.

Document Archiving

Certified GxP document archiving and data management in the only both, GLP and GMP-certified document archive in Europe.

Retention Sample Archiving

Unique off-site storage solution for GxP retention samples of any batches sizes covering the entire life cycle from pick up to return.

Data Archiving

GxP-certified archiving service for digital data and electronic records from clinical and non-clinical research and medicinal production.

ZAS Zentral Archiv Service GmbH
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17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany

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Über ZAS


Warum ZAS

Powerful and seamless services for over 30 years.


Powerful in structure, excellent in performance.

Qualität & Sicherheit

Prioritizing seamless quality and safety.

ZAS Zentral Archiv Service GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 395 570 51 00
Fax.: +49 395 570 51 19

The ZAS Infrastructure

Powerful in structure, excellent in performance

From logistics with our own fleet to 50+ high security archives, we have everything in place for seamless handling of any archiving need. Leverage our comprehensive infrastructure and enjoy peace of mind, whether it’s operational efficiency, on-demand scalability, short lead times, or competitive pricing.


EU-wide pick-up and retrieval logistics are expertly managed by the ZAS fleet or by partners on a global level. We seamlessly handle all your logistics needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution with clear legal oversight.

  • On demand GxP (GMP, GLP, GCP)-compliant transport operated by trained professionals
  • Responsibility transitions to ZAS immediately upon handover
  • Temperature-control
  • Seamless track and trace from the moment of handover
  • International organization of import permissions and transfer agreements from outside the EU

50+ High Security Archives

50+ specifically qualified archive rooms with multi-layered safety measures protect your archives and safeguard every single good.

  • CO2 fire protection in selected areas
  • Storage rooms equipped with units for heating, cooling, freezing, and liquid nitrogen storage,
  • Temperature range from -196°C to +40°C
  • e.g. climatized GxP paper archives, safes for data carriers, tissue block archives, non-GxP archives, wet tissue sample archives, slides archives
  • Biosafety Level 2 rooms and laboratories
  • Genetic engineering safety area S2
  • Room qualification incl. temperature mapping   

» More about ZAS Safety Standards …


Comprehensive administration capabilities ensure a transparent trail, optimal sample conditions, and simplified retrieval processes.

  • Consolidated Telesto online client interface
  • Seamless registration, indexing, and handling
  • Periodic consistency and integrity controls
  • Complete life cycle management
  • Compliant destruction
  • Autoclave for GMO material

Certified laboratory

Our in-house GCP/GLP-certified lab possesses all the necessary certifications to meticulously control and, if necessary, rescue the integrity of samples.

  • Consistency control of samples
  • Wet sample refilling 
  • Sample rescue
  • Destruction of GMOs

Qualified and Validated Computerized Systems

Our GxP understanding follows requirements on IT software validation and system qualification especially defined in GLP and GMP legislation and guidelines. 

  • Software validation according to GAMP5  
  • Hardware qualification 
  • Qualified server hardware, on-premise in test facility