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Biobanking & Biorepository

Certified storage service for any biological sample type for the entire lifecycle, from pick up to return or disposal.

Document Archiving

Certified GxP document archiving and data management in the only both, GLP and GMP-certified document archive in Europe.

Retention Sample Archiving

Unique off-site storage solution for GxP retention samples of any batches sizes covering the entire life cycle from pick up to return.

Data Archiving

GxP-certified archiving service for digital data and electronic records from clinical and non-clinical research and medicinal production.

ZAS Zentral Archiv Service GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany

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Über ZAS


Warum ZAS

Powerful and seamless services for over 30 years.


Powerful in structure, excellent in performance.

Qualität & Sicherheit

Prioritizing seamless quality and safety.

ZAS Zentral Archiv Service GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 395 570 51 00
Fax.: +49 395 570 51 19


Work with ZAS for both challenge and opportunity.

A company is only as good as its employees make it and this is also the case at ZAS Our 50-strong team consists of qualified traders, professional tax consultants, engineers, IT professionals, archivists and filing department employees.

Although we find creative anarchists utterly delightful, they have very little chance of working with us in the long-term. Order and structure is not only of personal, but of existential importance to us. Aside from specific technical knowledge within the respective sector, we expect no more from our colleagues than our customers expect from us:

  • Reliability
  • Diligence
  • Flexibility

Yet we also have something to offer them: A long-term, interesting job within a healthy environment with modern infrastructure, possibilities for promotion and training as well as an excellent working atmosphere.
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