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Biobanking & Biorepository

Certified storage service for any biological sample type for the entire lifecycle, from pick up to return or disposal.

Document Archiving

Certified GxP document archiving and data management in the only both, GLP and GMP-certified document archive in Europe.

Retention Sample Archiving

Unique off-site storage solution for GxP retention samples of any batches sizes covering the entire life cycle from pick up to return.

Data Archiving

GxP-certified archiving service for digital data and electronic records from clinical and non-clinical research and medicinal production.

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Powerful and seamless services for over 30 years.


Powerful in structure, excellent in performance.

Qualität & Sicherheit

Prioritizing seamless quality and safety.

ZAS Zentral Archiv Service GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany

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Biosample Services
Biobanking & Biorepository
Biosample Services
Biobanking & Biorepository

Biobanking & Biorepository

Streamlined Biobanking. Seamless Service.

ZAS provides a unique Biobanking and Biorepository solution customized for biosample storage in the life science, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our seamless end-to-end biological sample storage service encompassing the entire lifecycle includes transportation, administration, secure Biobanking and Biorepository, customized access, easy and fast retrieval, or sample disposal. The chain of custody is centralized and under our control.

Our unique range of certifications enables us to store any type of biosample under optimal conditions in fully protected GLP- and GMP-certified security archives, which are housed in fully protected, climate-controlled facilities.

ZAS is a member of the Rhenus Group, one of the leading logistics companies worldwide, and looks back on a proven track record of 30 operational years. By leveraging our robust infrastructure and operational efficiency, our clients benefit from a single-vendor solution, streamlining their Biobanking processes. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also ensures clear legal oversight.

Rest assured that your Biobanking and Biorepository needs are in the hands of an expert Biobanking and Biorepository company, giving you utmost peace of mind. Just give us a call, and we will manage your needs for you!

Your benefits for
Biobanking & Biorepository

Streamline your Biobanking with our biological sample storage service by securely storing samples at tailored temperatures and real-time access, whilst ensuring compliance with GLP, GCP, and GMP standards.

Full sample life cycle covered

From sample transport with our own fleet to storage and clear legal oversight, we’ve got you covered, streamlining your Biobanking and saving you time and resources.

Storage of any biosample type – certified!

Securely store any biosample type at tailored storage temperatures from -196°C to 25°C, with the necessary requirements and certifications withstanding any audit.

Fast and easy access & retrieval

Maintain control and access a real-time stock overview at anytime from anywhere. Initiate speedy shipments with a simple click. Even for single biosamples!

Not only compliant, but certified

GLP, GCP or GMP, we’ve got it all covered. Rest assured with our certified processes, audit trail, and a dedicated QM team that ensures full compliance every step of the way.

Biobanking & Biorepository
sample types

Clinical and non-clinical biosamples

  • fixed wet tissue (e.g. formalin)
  • Pathology slides and paraffin blocks (FFPE)
  • clinical trial samples
    • serum 
    • plasma
    • whole blood
    • wet tissues
  • Biological material of safety levels S1 and S2
    • Infectious human pathogenics 
    • Animal pathogenics
    • genetically modified organisms

Cell banks

  • Master cell banks
  • Working cell banks
  • bacteria stocks
  • virus seeds
  • human cells 
  • animal cells
  • genetically modified cell cultures

Medicinal products

  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMP
  • Reserve/Retention samples: Active pharmaceutical ingredient (acc. §18 / §27 AMWHV) 

Regulated material

  • genetically modified organisms acc. §8 GenTG, GenTSV S2)
  • CITES material from GLP studies
  • Infectious human pathogenics acc. §49 IfSG S2
  • Animal pathogenics (acc. §2 TierSeuchErV, T2)

Existing biosample archives

  • all kinds of biosample archives which require a new location, higher quality standards, higher security level


Biobanking &
Biorepository Suite

From logistic to storage, or return, our comprehensive Biobanking and Biorepository service is tailored to fit your unique needs, whether you require the complete suite or specific modules.

Contact our experts
and get a quote!

Pick up

Sample transfer under GCP/GLP standards

Transports to ZAS archive

  • EU-wide logistics operated by ZAS fleet in Europe or by partners on a global level
  • On demand GMP-compliant transport operated by GMP-trained professionals
  • Clear legal oversight: Responsibility transitions to ZAS immediately upon handover
  • Temperature-controlled: 15-25°C, 2-8°C, -20°C, -80°C, -196°C incl. chain of custody documentation
  • Seamless track and trace: from the moment of handover
  • International organization: ZAS handles import permissions and transfer agreements from outside the EU


Set up & consistency control

ZAS ensures biosamples are traceable and in best condition for storage

  • Set up: registration and indexing on box level and down to individual vial level
  • Control: consistency control of sample integrity, diagnostic, sample rescue, and refilling services

Biobanking & Biorepository

Certified and controlled storage

GxP-compliant, climate-controlled security archives ensure uncompromised biosample safety
GxP-compliant, climate-controlled security archives ensure uncompromised biosample safety

  • Boxes and single samples, sample bags
  • Tailored storage temperatures:
    • Room temperature ,15-25°C
    • +2-8°C
    • -20°C
    • -80°C
    • -196°C in liquid nitrogen gas phaseTemperature monitoring & control
      100% redundancy for the event of device failure

Quality Assurance

Permanent consistency control

Comprehensive monitoring to guarantee biosample safety throughout the storage duration

  • Temperature monitoring & control
  • GMP device qualification
  • emergency power generators
  • redundancy in the event of device failure

Access & Retrieval

Fast and easy at a click

Instant overview and convenient biosample retrieval

  • 24/7 access: Manage archive anytime from anywhere through our user-friendly Telesto online portal and gain a clear, real-time overview of your stock.
  • Guaranteed shipment within 24h (dependent on sample): Easily locate your desired sample or library and get it delivered by our ZAS fleet, irrespective the distance to the biobank or central lab.
  • Single-sample-retrieval: Retrieve single samples, leaving the rest undisturbed in its box, securely archived with us.

Return or Destruction

Sample delivery or disposal

Tailored to your specific needs

  • Scheduled return
  • Detailed biosample destruction certificate: Audit-proof, specific certification for every destroyed archive
  • In-house biosample disposal:
    • Responsibility remains within the Rhenus Group
    • Autoclave for GMO safe disposal

Extra Services

On demand

Long term stability testing
Customised stability storage for determination of shelf life

  • According to the requirement of your product

Audit Support

Tailored services for audits and inspections

  • Client Audits: Expert assistance in managing inspection readiness by on time provision of physical documents, electronic data, and copies for audits and inspections. Get true copies overnight or within hours.
  • ZAS Audits: We facilitate smooth auditing processes, offering both in-person and digital audits. For smaller scopes, consider our efficient „Remote Audits“, saving time and costs while you remain in your office.

Standardized quality
for Biobanking & Biorepository

Experience safeguarded continuous quality and peace of mind, with our QM team implementing rigorous, streamlined quality control measures that prioritize your biosamples with backup service and standardized processes for biosample and biorepository sample management.


Process compliance

Redundant safety
for Biobanking storage

High-security archives, equipped with multi-layered safety measures, safeguard your biobank and ensure the protection of each individual sample under customized conditions.

Responsive service

A responsive team with a single point of contact attentively listens to your needs, ensuring your projects stay on track with streamlined communication and quick resolution of short-term matters. Our approach is tailored to your needs, as we are well-equipped to handle your unique requirements and offer the flexibility to adjust processes on the fly.

  • Single point of contact
  • Tailored solutions
  • Audit support for inspection readiness

Your trusted partner for Biobanking & Biorepository

Leveraging our robust infrastructure, extensive experience, and expertise, as a part of the Rhenus family, we offer long-term reliability, operational efficiency, and unwavering stability.

  • 30 years+ experience
  • 25+ audits per year
  • 50+ customers
  • 20 mio+ pathology samples
  • 1 mio+ cryo samples

ZAS in numbers

30 years+




20 mio+


20 mio+

pathology samples

1 mio+

cryo samples


retention samples

50+ TB



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